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Access your documents digitally from any device, 24/7, from anywhere.

How to prepare your organisation for Digitisation

Custom-built EDMS solution, cutting-edge technology in data security, ready to address our client’s needs.



Access your documents, upgrade, and share


Automate and improve business processes in the organization

Gain detailed analyses and derive meaningful insights from your organization's big data

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What is EDMS and how can you benefit from the solution?

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Digitize Your Documents with  Top Archive



Top Archive specializes in document digitization services, meeting the growing needs of businesses looking to transform their documents into digital formats. We use high-speed scanners and professional software to provide reliable and versatile digitization solutions.

It is very important to first understand exactly what document digitizing is, and why it is essential, especially for your business.


Understanding Document Digitization:
Document digitization is the process of converting physical documents into digital files. It is crucial for businesses looking to enhance efficiency and accessibility.




Why digitize documents?

Digitizing documents offers numerous advantages. Digital documents and data are:

• Easy to preserve

• Convenient to store, retrieve and update

• Simple to duplicate

• Easy to share


Top Archive's Document Digitization Process

  1. Needs Assessment: We start by identifying and capturing the client's specific requirements and metadata to tailor-make their digital solution.

  2. Collection and Preparation: Documents provided by the client are meticulously collected and sorted. Careful attention is given to removing foreign objects like pins and paper clips while ensuring proper document alignment prior to scanning.

  3. Scanning: The aligned documents undergo scanning to create digital copies.

  4. Conversion to Digital Format: Using Optical Character Recognition (OCR), scanned documents/images are transformed into text files. A dedicated quality control team manually checks the output before converting it into the desired digital format.

  5. Indexing: Documents are saved with metadata tags, ensuring easy retrieval as required.

  6. Organization: We organize the digitized documents into separate folders based on the client's specifications.

  7. Upload to DMS: The digitized data is securely uploaded to our cutting-edge Document Management System (DMS), accessible 24/7 from anywhere.

  8. This streamlined process ensures efficient and accurate document digitization, making your valuable information easily accessible.


EDMS Solution

Our Electronic Document Management System is geared towards helping your organization to easily store, share, manage and approve digital documents.  You can easily:

  • Create/capture documents,

  • Manage and organize your content,

  • Enable access to and distribution of information

  • Ensure that documents found in the system are retained in accordance with best practices, and disposed of in accordance with your institution’s records retention schedule in the most secured manner.

Top Archive’s EDMS has all the capabilities to help your business automate and improve business processes. Features that support workflow include: workflow creation for any type of business or office process, alerts and notifications, audience targeting, electronic forms, authentication and authorization, Optical Character Recognition (OCR), and the advantage of integrating with your existing system.


Business Intelligence

In today's data-rich environment, organizations are faced with an ever-growing volume of data from various departments. Effective business intelligence is essential for analyzing this wealth of information comprehensively. Our business intelligence system goes beyond archive management; it empowers your entire organization to conduct large-scale data analysis and formulate tactical decision-making strategies.


Top Archive can integrate a robust data science platform that uncovers hidden patterns within stored data, facilitating insightful analysis and predictive capabilities. Leveraging big data analytics, your organization gains the ability to make well-informed decisions, enhancing operational efficiency and aiding senior management in setting precise goals.


With the massive increase in the volume of data from various units within organizations, business intelligence that incorporates a wide range of business operations is required to analyze and derive meaningful insights from the data. Our business intelligence system helps not just your archives management but the entire organization to analyze information on a large scale, and acquire the necessary decision-making strategies. Top Archive can incorporate a data science platform that can help unearth the hidden patterns inside stored data, to support meaningful analysis and prediction of events. Using big data analytics, your organization or institution can make informed decisions, with better operational efficiency to help higher management set appropriate goals.

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