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Why should you choose Top Archive as your service provider?

As a leading company offering records management and document storage services to businesses across Africa, Top Archive is keen to exceed our clients’ needs and offer them a safe and reliable way to store their documents. 

Working with us has been a win-win situation for all of our numerous clients, who include reputable health institutions, leading banks, government organizations, law firms, oil and gas companies, shipping industries, telecoms, auditing firms, and large corporations from Ghana, Nigeria, Tanzania and Uganda.

If you want to save precious time and money running your business, and are ready to focus on your core tasks rather than managing your records, contact us today to save you from the extra burden that hampers your company’s growth.

reasons to work with us:

Immediate Accessibility


Advanced technology that knows exactly what is where means that you can retrieve any required information and have it immediately at your fingertips. The technology also determines authorization levels for information access according to client request.



Using the world’s leading barcoding system and software, every item is traced after collection from the client so that we always know what is where, and who delivered it to whom.



Trustworthy people: All our personnel are carefully screened to ensure that we hire people with the highest levels of integrity, reliability and responsibility.

Top-noch security


Ensuring that you enjoy 100% security against any potential threats or data loss, we offer off-site storage, providing a higher level of protection that might not exist in your on-site storage facilities.  Our facilities are designed and dedicated to records management.  Fire prevention, climate control and security are of the utmost concern, thereby reducing the risk of data loss.

Highly Experienced


With over 25 years of experience, we can proudly state that Top Archive is one of the pioneers in the document management niche. When you choose us, you also choose to capitalize on our expertise, our experience, and the skills we have mastered over the decades.

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