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Active file management and long-term box storage, keeping records secure and accessible.


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Daily pickup & delivery or scan on demand


Biometric access control, CCTV, intruder alarm and fire suppression system

Advanced barcoding technology

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Top Archive offers a number of document storage solutions
, depending on the needs of your business. They include:

Store Manager

Physical Archiving

Physical archiving ensures that important records are preserved for compliance, historical reference or legal requirements. It can also help in decluttering office spaces by safely storing older or less frequently used documents, making room for more current material.


Offsite Physical Archiving

Offsite physical archiving is the process of storing physical records at a location that is separate from the organization's primary office or workspace. This remote storage facility is typically designed to provide secure and controlled conditions for preserving important documents while freeing up valuable space in the main office. Offsite physical archiving ensures that documents are protected from damage, theft or loss and it allows for efficient retrieval when needed. This practice is especially beneficial for businesses with limited storage space or those looking to enhance document security and compliance.

Security Measures 

Physical Access - Our security measures include state-of-the-art CCTV & access control systems, intruder alarms and security personnel on-site 24/7.  All documents are stored in nondescript archiving boxes with the only identifying marker being the unique barcode affixed on the box while all vehicles are tracked via GPS satellite.


Digital Access – our record management system, provides secure access via encryption and use of robust firewall applications managing passwords and information flow as prescribed in Top Archive Information Management Systems (IMS) policy under ISO 27001:2013.

The system provides the ability to compartmentalize the documents archived according to predetermined authorization requirements


Human Resources - All Top Archive personnel are screened by the Tanzania/Ghana Police and a background check carried out by a professional agency in addition to signing a Non-Disclosure Agreement prior to onboarding. Only authorized personnel have access to the document repository or the data entry office.


Safety Measures 

Our safety measures include a variety of fire-detection and fire-suppression systems. In addition to regular fumigation to control rodents, our warehouse and storage facilities are also designed to prevent damage from flooding.



In-house Physical Archiving Projects

In-house physical archiving projects refer to initiatives undertaken within an organization's own premises or facilities to manage the storage and organization of physical documents and records. These projects involve establishing systems, processes, and infrastructure for the secure and efficient storage of paper-based records. In-house physical archiving projects often include tasks such as setting up filing systems, implementing record retention policies, and ensuring compliance with relevant regulations and planning for future expansion. The goal is to maintain organized and accessible physical archives while optimizing space utilization and minimizing the risks associated with document mismanagement or loss.


Provision of Archiving Boxes

We provide customized archiving boxes for the storage and organization of documents in an archive or records management system. These boxes are specifically designed to protect and preserve documents over a long period of time.

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