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We provide quick access to your business information, optimize resource utilization, enhance information control and ensure cost-effectiveness.

How does effective archive management reduce operational costs?   

How does effective archive management reduce operational costs?

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Allowing only authorized personnel to gain access to information


Physical and digital retrievals at the touch of a finger

Records analysis by subject / department / sub-department / branches / dates etc.

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Our integrated document management solutions 


Top Archive is your premier provider of document management solutions and data security services. 

We offer comprehensive records management for physical and digital media, disaster recovery support, and cost-saving consulting services. Ensure legal and regulatory compliance, protect vital information, and maintain business continuity with our integrated solutions. Trust Top Archive for expert document management and data security.


Records Management for the success of your company

Gain a competitive advantage in today's business landscape with Top Archive's quick and efficient access to critical information. Experience enhanced resource utilization, information control, and cost effectiveness by entrusting your documents to us. Your business records hold immense operational, financial, and legal value, as well as potential risks and management challenges. Inefficient management can jeopardize your company's reputation, financial health, and survival. By outsourcing your business records to Top Archive, rest assured that your information will be securely and professionally handled. Unlock the power of streamlined information management with our trusted services.


Archive Policy Development

Review of your records and archive management processes, procedures, practices, and systems to develop a records and archive management policy, manuals, and a strategy that incorporates all the components of a standard policy based on the guidelines of your country and institution for managing public/private institutional records. The final document is developed using clear language and practical steps to ensure its usability. In addition, we assist organizations that choose this service to run change management programs to help staff accept the new/improved best practices as documented.


Training Programs

Empower your staff with our exclusive masterclass on efficient records and archives management. Top Archive offers comprehensive training, equipping professionals from various businesses with modern and best practices in this field. Our expert-led sessions cover a range of subjects, including principles and practice of archives management, legal and regulatory requirements, effective sorting and cataloguing, electronic records management systems, digital transformation, disaster planning, vital records protection, data mapping, and information security. Give your staff the opportunity to enhance their skills and value your organization's information assets. Participants will receive certification from Top Archive upon completion of the training courses. Invest in the expertise of your team with our transformative masterclass.

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